Terra’s Tree House, Cameron Highlands


Is it just me, or do you sometimes find yourself longing to be away from the luxuries of the modern day world?

This weekend I visited a magical place in the middle of the jungle called Terra’s Tree House. It’s always been a fantasy of mine to stay in the middle of the forest surrounded by wildlife, so now it was my chance to give it a go- JUNGLE STYLO!

After a while lurking around Trip Advisor and various other ‘Malaysian 10 top Retreat’ articles I had found myself a winner based on the following..

-Water supply is brought in via a clean mountain stream (YUM!)
-Electricity is powered by a generator, available at limited hours from 6:30 to 10:30 pm ( Away from the news and drama- yes please!) 
-NO internet or phone signal
-Temperatures may drop down to 14 Degree Celsius ( Being cold makes me feel at home)
-They prepare 100% cotton quilts, bed sheets and blanket which are organic cotton too.

The price included 4×4 vehicle pick up and drop off ( amazing experience) as well as an organic dinner and breakfast. Prices are the following…

  1. 120RM  per pax for a group of 3 and above
  2. 140RM per pax for 2 people
  3. 280 per pax for 1 person

Be prepared to pack the following: Torch light, Thermos, Towel, Walking Shoes, Bi- degradable toiletries, Personal Medication, Rain coat and Umbrella.

Hopeful for the journey ahead
4×4 Ride to the Tree House, be prepared to hold on tight!
Ready to walk up 300 steps!
Gazing out onto their vegetable farm
Mingling with the other guests
Organic fruit and Vegetables waiting to be eaten!


My protector guarding our home for the night
Double Story Tree House


The Simple things…
Fire time!
Ride back to reality
Stuff like this is illegal in the UK so it’s nice to be FREE every so often

Email Myrachellee@yahoo.com or call 0126613299 for bookings, ENJOY!


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