Trekking in Malaysia, Bukit Tabur


Do you ever feel like you just need to escape from the City’s noise, crowds and rules? I do for sure and that’s why I’d love to share with you a breathtaking adventure that I took part in today which is shockingly only a 30 MINUTE drive away from the City Centre itself AND it will only take up half of your day!

So yesterday I managed to squeeze myself onto a last minute slot for the almighty DragonBack Trek with OpenSkyUnlimited. This company is indeed one of the best in Malaysia with it’s wide range of tours and exciting adventures just waiting for you to experience! I took my chances with this company as they were voted NO.1 for Tours and Activities in Kuala Lumpur on TripAdvisor and the photo’s looked incredible!

What to expect

6:15am wake up and pick up ( pack your bag at night as well as setting up your clothes and shoes for the morning)

-A 30 minute drive to the location
-Trek for 30 minutes up the steep jungle
-Scramble on all fours up a steeper section for 1 1/2 hours ( they provide gloves to protect your hands, don’t you worry!)
-Enjoy a panoramic view of the jungle on one side and KL City on the other
-Trek back down for two hours ( it’s like a walk in the park comparing to the trek up!)
-10:30 head for brunch and cool down ( They even provide a super cool portable changing room, so bring spare clothing!)
-By 12:30pm you will be back in your hotel/ apartment and trust me, your shower shall become your best friend!

The Price of 200RM per pax includes Return transport from your hotel/ apartment, a tour guide, brunch  and a personal photographer throughout the trip!

Our Guide and Transport
The Dragon’s Back Trek
Enter a caption
The struggle just got real!
The first peak
Our trekking crew for the day!
City view, Second Peak
Third Peak



All in all it’s a great half day getaway escape that requires little to no preparation at all. The trek, in my opinion, was around average difficulty level so there’s no stopping everyone from giving it a go!

Email or call +60123501360 for bookings, ENJOY!

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