Canopy Tribes, Johor

OK, so I’ve got a confession to make…
I recently had my FIRST EVER camping experience at 22 years of age and let’s just say that it wasn’t your typical kind of down and dirty camping, it was in fact what people now call GLAMPING!

So what is Glamping exactly? Glamping is short for luxurious or glamorous camping where you can get a feel of the outdoors without having to sacrifice the comforts you can’t live without. You simply turn up, jump into your ready made bed and RELAX!

Canopy Tribes is located ONLY 3km away from a popular waterfall in Kota Tinggi, Johor and only 10 minutes away from a local town which is filled with delicious Chinese restaurants.

What to expect

  • A 4 hour drive from KL City
  • A tent ready-made with electricity, fans and tons of space
  • A mouth watering BBQ ( included in the price)
  • Karaoke
  • A comfortable sleep, although temperatures can get pretty hot
  • A full English Breakfast
  • Lots of morning activities to  choose from such as hiking, trekking, swimming, cycling or kayaking

I paid 180RM for a full package which included dinner, breakfast and 1 nights stay. They can give you a cheaper price if you wish to have your own food and beverages.



Surrounding Area


BBQ! ( I’m vegetarian so I only took a photo of my food but they serve meat as well!)
The pretty night set up
Random yet beautiful

Call Malcolm on  +601-87865152, +601-97339866 or +07-2443788 or email him at

5 thoughts on “Canopy Tribes, Johor

  1. hi, i’m so sorry to bother you, the main picture at the top of the blog of the three tents in a row is not canopy tribes picture to use. it’s one that i had professionally taken for my business. the owners of canopy tribes have been contacted several times to ask them to stop using it but they have refused to do so claiming any photos on google are there to be used by anyone! (which isn’t the case!) please could I ask that you remove it? Currently going through a very long list of places that they have used it to try and contact directly as i am getting no-where with canopy tribes directly. They don’t answer emails, they don’t answer Facebook messages and were very rude when we phoned them! They said we could be anyone just phoning to say this. As a small business we have a lot of other things to be doing other than chasing a company taking our pictures and breaching copyright! thank you so much


    1. Hello, of course I’ll take it down right away! ( removed already) Yes true, I took it from their website as I went there myself but didn’t manage to get the ‘perfect’ shot! Your business looks awesome, I must check it out when I come back to the UK at the end of the year!


      1. Hi, I think Katrina Willis’ comments pretty much sums up Canopy Tribes and their management. I would definitely not recommend this place to anyone.


  2. Hi, I would not recommend Canopy Tribes to anyone. Do check out their facebook page, just search Canopy Tribes. It is bad maintained and not clean, there are even a few customers that didn’t get their refund back when Malcom Ooi (Owner of the place) cancelled their booking when they arrive. This place is a nightmare.


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