The Rainforest Tree House, Johor

So I’m a little addicted to tree houses lately, can you tell?

This weekend my housemates and I went on a long awaited bonding trip into the wonders of the wilderness at a place called The Rainforest Treehouse in Sri Gunung Pulai. It’s actually my second time staying here, however it’s the first time experiencing this kind of trip in an almighty group of seven!

Traveling as a couple was extremely romantic and relaxing whereas traveling as a group was a totally different experience as we played rowdy card games of Kent and told ghost stories that almost came true!

What to Expect

-A 3 hour car journey with simple straight roads 
-A freshly made Lemongrass tea as soon as you arrive 
-A slightly challenging sweat welcoming walk up to your tree house ( nothing a cold shower can’t fix)
-A delicious dinner served from a cast iron pot made with fire produced from wood and coal
-A comfortable sleep conducted by the sounds of the wildlife orchestra 
-Several Monkey sightings and the occasional snake sighting 
-A pallet full of activities to do or places to visit on the way back home

For the 7 of us it was ONLY 90RM each which included breakfast and dinner, perfect for any financial time of the month! 
Tea and refreshments
GIANT hammock next to the communal area
In house hammock
Things getting rowdy during a comical game of KENT

IMG_1761If you want to escape from watching TV series and instead be surrounded by mischievous monkeys and beautiful architecture then Whatsapp Yao on +60 12 527 9987 and make a booking! 


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