Pangkor Beach


When I was packing up my bags, ready to move to Asia, all I could think about is the sea, sand and sun. You can imagine how surprised I was as soon as I arrived in KL…

Yes of course the sun, without doubt, is always shining over us but what is heat without water to splash in, the cocktails to sip or the banana boats to ride on?!
Researching beaches around Malaysia made me realize that you’re never actually too far from a beach, just so long as you have the patience for the journey.

The beach of my choice was Pangkor Island which is a resort island off the coast of Perak. Believe it or not, if you pick the right beach there’s barely anyone in sight, which in my opinion is pure bliss!

What to Expect

–  A 3 and a half hour car journey to Lumut Jetty
– 10RM for return ferry ( I know right, price is insane!)
– Half an hour ferry ride to Pangkor Island
– A 10 minute pink taxi ride to the beach of your choice ( prices are a bit lower than KL)
– Lots of sea activities ( apart from that not much else)
– Crystal clear water
– Chinese, Malaysian and Western food choices
– Cocktails, cider and beer available almost everywhere
– A beautiful sunset on the beach or Jetty
– A variety of hotels ranging from cheap to luxurious!






Daddy’s Cafe


Daddy’s Cafe




All in all this is a fantastic getaway whether you’re in a group or alone! Take that step forward and DO something this weekend!

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