Broga Hill, Selangor

If you’re up for a short adventure not too far from home then I suggest you fill up your water bottle, get in the car and drive to Bukit Broga Hill!

Broga Hill is a popular hiking spot used by casual hikers since its only 400 metres in altitude and not too far from KL. Although the hike is fairly easy, you will STILL feel a strong sense of accomplishment as soon as you reach the top since the views are incredible and without doubt your shirt will be dripping wet!

Funnily enough the name Broga is believed to be derived from Buragas, a mythical beast that lived in the forest- so watch out!

What to expect

-A 40 minute drive from KL
-Fresh air and scenic views
-20/40 minute hike up to the highest peak
-A total of 3 peaks, you choose depending on your fitness level
-During peak hours, expect lots of traffic up and down the hill

What to bring

-Two bottles of water
-Sports shoes
-A spare T-Shirt ( trust me you’ll need it!)
-Rain Coat

Refreshment Area, before you begin the hike.



go on, give it a go!

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