Shooting Range, KL

I must admit, watching Mr and Mrs Smith made me indulge in curiosity as to what it would feel like to have control of such a destructive weapon.

Believe it or not before I moved to Malaysia I applied to be in the Army but decided against it after getting a great placement here. There’s always been an urge inside of me to go against the ordinary but today I was proved wrong once and for all as my mind was set straight after I held a gun for the first time!

What to expect

-If you make a booking, be there on time as it’s likely that there’s other customers waiting for you ( it happened to us!)

-A short and snappy 30 min safety and technique lesson

-All safety and general equipment provided

-50 9mm bullets each using a Glock semi-automatic pistol ( you can pay an extra 100RM for more)

-3 multiple distance targets ( 6 meters and 14 meters)

-A humorous English speaking instructor that you can generally gel with!

Practice Shots


End Result!
Address: City Square Shooting Gallery, 9th Floor, Menara TKSS, 206, Jalan Segambut, Kuala Lumpur.

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