Make room for His Excellency, Ian Khama!

Now if anyone was to ask me, what place next? I would ALWAYS voice my love to visit Africa, nowhere specific, just AFRICA! The reasoning behind my admiration is due to my biggest guilty pleasure being a massive addict to hopelessly watching African wildlife documentaries WHENEVER I get the chance!

Rumor had it that in Africa the President of Botswana, Ian Khama, was going to visit our very own campus. We all couldn’t believe it and were jumping with excitement, yet at the same time jealous that we wouldn’t get the chance to be there an experience the proud moment along with our fellow African students and staff. Nights before the event, I received an email that took me by surprise; “Flight itinerary to Africa?” I questioned out loud to myself- was someone tricking me or was this email for real?! Indeed it was for real and shortly after receiving my roles I jetted off on a rollercoaster of a journey all the way to the blissful Republic of Botswana.

Upon arrival I was pleasantly surprised with the way that Botswana has transformed as it was in fact one of the poorest countries in the world around forty years ago- something that you wouldn’t believe now! Luckily for us, the campus was in tip top condition and the exhibitions that the students and staff had prepared exceeded our expectations, especially the disabled facilities which they told us were the best in Botswana! I spent my days preparing the fashion club booth, photography lab and training the choir for the event and THANKFULLY they were all complete and ready for the special day to arrive.

I even managed to squeeze in a research trip to some of the local malls and hit bullseye when I found the perfect location for a new Limkokwing Fashion Club store at Airport Junction in Gabarone. How exciting is that!

The President’s visit was a true success as he shared his love for the university and thanked us for making the governments money, money well spent. His Excellency visited the Limkokwing Fashion Club booth where I presented him with a limited edition cap, made by our student alumni, which featured a colourful jeweled Botswana Flag which made him break out into a smile- SUCCESS! The President gave a speech to conclude his visit in which he said;

“Limkokwing University of Creative Technology is a jewel of an institution that we should all be proud of”.

Here are some highlights from my trip…




At the Fashion Club booth talking with the President

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