The Smokehouse, Cameron Highlands

Every time I tell the locals that I’ve lived in Malaysia for the last four years, they always seem utterly confused with why i’d want to stay here and not back home in Britain. My response is always simply raising my hands, looking around sarcastically and raising my eyebrows. I mean, come on, who wouldn’t want to live in an all year round summer tropical paradise?!


Even though I adore living here, home is truly  where the heart is and so I sometimes like to take a sweet escape to what I like to call my ‘fake’ home, The Smokehouse Hotel in Cameron Highlands. Now I didn’t want to share this one with you guys until I got myself a half decent camera as an iPhone really wouldn’t do this British colonial era cottage any justice!


The Smokehouse Hotel and Restaurant was built in 1937 for the purpose of catering for the home sick needs of the British colonists who knew it as the most popular place for social mingling. The area in which it’s located was founded in 1885 by a British colonial government surveyor named William Cameron who explored the Titiwangsa Range on elephants for months before stumbling upon what we know today as Cameron Highlands.

Cameron Highlands is now known to be one the centers for farming ( especially tea), the home of the Orang Asli (aborigines of Malaysia) and well as a hub for Malaysian and British history. Being only a few hours drive away from Kuala Lumpur, I’m sure you can see why Cameron Highlands is a popular tourist destination as well as a happy home for some.


Will I need to bring anything during my stay?

The Smokehouse Hotel provides towels, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body lotion, soap, two nightgowns, two sets of slippers, a selection of fruit, alcoholic drinks as well as soft drinks (provided in the fridge for an extra fee) and last but not least- a fantastic selection of tea and coffee which you can make in your very own modern coffee machine!



Tips and extra information

1. As soon as you arrive, open all of the windows as it can get a little bit stuffy inside the rooms since there are no air conditioners or fans. Don’t worry though, by the time you sleep, the natural cool breeze will have ventilated around the room!

2. If you’re a fan of baths, bring along some bath bombs or salts like I did and make the most out of that bathtub!

3. When traveling, make sure you type in the correct Smokehouse Hotel into your GPS, you MUST ensure that it’s the Tanah Rata one as there’s a total of three different Smokehouses around Pahang.

4. Last but not least, if you’re on a tight budget, be prepared to splash your cash for dinner and consider sharing a dish as the portions are reasonably generous! In my opinion, the food and drink prices are totally worth the price stated as the quality and portions are absolutely spot on! 

Here’s some photos of our stay

  1. IMG_3021_FotorIMG_2931_FotorIMG_2943_FotorIMG_2973_FotorIMG_2962_FotorIMG_2983_FotorIMG_2935_FotorIMG_2992_FotorIMG_2920_FotorIMG_2928_FotorIMG_2911_FotorIMG_3009_FotorIMG_3002_FotorIMG_2960_FotorIMG_3023_FotorIMG_2891_FotorIMG_3050_FotorIMG_3038_FotorIMG_3061_FotorIMG_2824_FotorIMG_2777_FotorIMG_2822_FotorIMG_2806_FotorIMG_9224IMG_2873_FotorIMG_2894_FotorIMG_2906_FotorIMG_2907_FotorIMG_2903_Fotor


All in all, anyone wishing to digest a cheeky slice of the U.K should definitely visit The Smokehouse Restaurant and Hotel in Cameron Highlands as it’s not something to be missed. Here’s their contact details below to make life that little bit easier!

Address: By-The-Golf Course, Tanah Rata, 39000, Pahang, Malaysia
Like their Facebook page: The Smokehouse Facebook
Call them on: +60 5-491 1215
Webiste:The Smokehouse Hotel

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