The Sticks, Fraser Hill

At only one and a half hours drive away from Kuala Lumpur say hello to Malaysia’s next IN TREND accommodation, The Sticks Eco Resort in Kuala Kubu Bharu!

With prices ranging from as little as 130RM per night all the way up to 580RM per night, without doubt, The Sticks has a room perfect for everyone. There is literally NO EXCUSE for you not to visit this NEW eco resort as, in my opinion, there’s nothing not to love!

 Depending on what you’re into, there’s a choice of five different accommodations available ranging from glamping huts, chalets, bungalows and tents with the largest holding a capacity of six pax. Believe it or not, the accommodations are powered by a mixed generator meaning they use solar energy as well as batteries! PLUS all water supplies come from a remote stream a couple of km away- how cool is that?

Upon arrival, guests will take a short 5 minute walk into the jungle, crossing a hanging bridge that overlooks stunning scenery and a crystal clear river. If you’re not the walking type, or you’re carrying a lot of luggage- no worries- as there’s an option of a 4×4 to take you right to the doorstep!

Want to have some fun? 
Apart from being the ultimate dream location to relax, breathe in the fresh air and float in the river, there’s also tons of other activities to take part in such as a Jungle Trek, History Tin Mine Trek, White Water Rafting, Paragliding, Treasure hunt and not forgetting a tour of the Asli Village. 


I’m planning to go here AGAIN for the next public holiday, see you there!

Address: Kuala Kubu Bharu, Hulu Selangor, Selangor, Malaysia
Contact: +60 173459109
Instagram: @thesticksguide

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