Sunset BBQ on a boat, Port Dickson

If you fancy a quick afternoon trip to a luscious beach then this may be the perfect activity for you as at only one and a half hours drive away from KL- Port Dickson is definitely NOT one to be overlooked!

Picture sitting on a boat with an ice cold beverage in your hand, sipping away whilst looking into the stunning ocean view. Picture dipping into fresh ocean water, watching the fishes freely swim around you, in hand a juicy watermelon slice oozing with refreshment.

Need I say more?

For only 200RM per person and with a capacity of 10 people, this boat journey is a delightful way to spend your weekend afternoon in a group, couple or EVEN if you’re alone. What’s more is that you don’t even have to go through the hassle of booking it yourself as trusted travelling company, Local Usher, organises it for you! For more details on the trip, check out the link below on Local ushers website!

Local Usher, Sunset BBQ on a beach

Here’s some snaps on my personal experience, now it’s time to capture yours!


The package includes a wide selection of drinks from water, 100plus and ice cold beer!


The boat provides FREE usage of life jackets, goggles and snorkels and although the water isn’t crystal clear- you can still see clearly!



I was the only one that wanted to sunbathe so I got the whole boat front to myself!


Choose from a selection of snacks that are freshly cooked ON BOARD! I myself am a vegetarian and they kindly cooked some corn for me, however, if you tell them in advance I’m certain that they’d cook more!


And now for the star of the show, the SUNSET! This lasted for around half and hour and shortly after the sun was down, we made our way back to the dock.


Feel free to email me for any advice on this experience, 

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