Lilac Lily


Top, sunglasses & bag// Pop Shop My
Shorts// Forever 21

I’m not the one to usually wear light colours but after my recent trip to Dubai, I’m in awe! I honestly didn’t want to tell anyone about my dirty little secret being the most outrageously cheap boutique store in town BUT I felt guilty keeping it to myself. If you’re ever around Jaya One it’s an ultimate MUST MUST MUST to visit this awesome cluster of boutiques. If you’re wondering, how cheap is it really? I’d say that prices range from 5RM-300Rm (from what I’ve personally bought previously) and they sell a range of unique trinkets from phone cases, sunglasses, bags, clothing, cookies, jewelry, shoes and accessories. Thinking about it, I just remembered that my newest longed for craving was discovered here, I’ll have to do a post ASAP on my food section as I’m certain that you’ll all adopt the same heart eyes for it!


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