Lost in Florals with Khairi Zawawi



Top & Skirt// Topshop 
Glasses// Forever 21
Photographer// Khairi Zawawi
Model// Alexis Suean

I haven’t really explored modelling and photoshoots much due to having bad experiences in the past, modelling for long hours and standing in heels from 9am till 2am in the morning, totally making me despise the whole idea entirely. However, recently I’ve been working with a photographer Khairi Zawawi who has changed my ENTIRE outlook on photoshoots by taking only a few hours, if not less, to get amazing shots such as these! For this shoot I decided to play it simple, going for a Napoleon Dynamite kind of feel, I’m sure that my mother will laugh at my choice of glasses but I truly adore them! I chose this skirt from Topshop for the shoot as I haven’t been blessed with super long legs and since it’s high waisted, it naturally elongates the start of my waist, faking my figure. I rarely go for low cut, strappy tops as I strongly dislike seeing the bra line but since I’ve lost weight recently I can get away with wearing stickers now which is AMAZING (I shan’t elaborate any further men don’t worry!)

By the way, if you’re wondering how I’m sitting on the road, I’m in Cyberjaya which is a fab location to shoot since it’s almost deserted and hardly ever busy.



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