Headlines Salon Makeover

Sometimes hair trends fade quicker than fashion trends and with an ever changing roller coaster of styles popping up here, there and everywhere- having a saloon nearby is always a MUST!

I must say, having ombré  purple hair was a fantasy dream come true but with time, the trend caught on to far too many people and so a change was set in order! I thought about the different saloons that I could choose from in Kuala Lumpur but instead concluded in frowning at every option as the further away the saloon, the more taxi expense and time will be wasted. Living in Cyberjaya is a luxury to me as there’s little to no traffic, cheap rent and the restaurants are always empty BUT when it comes to getting your hair and nails done- choices are limited.

What residents in Cyberjaya aren’t aware of is that just around the corner there IS a professional hair salon ready to save the day that leaps ahead of the salons in KL as it also provides nail art and waxing services too!

Luckily for students Making Headlines Salon is strategically located inside Limkokwing University and has recently had an all new renovation for its look as well as its services. I went into the salon completely blur about what colour to choose, fortunately my stylist, Sahara, kindly advised me on what would suit me as well as what was best for my current hair condition. After looking through pages and pages of colour options provided, I went for L’Oréal Professional’s ‘Very Very Light Blonde Ashen Iridescent Reflect’ shade as I adored the silvery blonde tones.

For the complete transition from light brown to white blonde, my hair was bleached twice and colour dyed once to finish the process and took a total of three hours. I paid RM450 for everything which is HALF the price that I was quoted by salons in KL.


Here’s the final outcome, before and after!
(Excuse my silly facial expression :’D)


The salon from the outside, just in case you can’t spot it!


Sahara, my stylist!


The hair colour that I chose


Anyone that’s had their hair bleached before will know how wonderful it feels to have cool water on your head after application!


Business Hours
Monday to Friday 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Closed on Sundays and public holidays.

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