Thigh High Deliberations

Fashion in London is rather tricky as one moment you’re out in the blistering coldness and the next you’re on the London Underground, cramped into a sardine like space with dubious amounts of people around you, creating utter hotness! The question is, how do you dress for these ever changing weather locations whilst attempting to look ‘reasonably’ delightful to the eye? I have the answer…


THIGH HIGH BOOTS my friends! By wearing thigh highs you’re warming your legs whilst allowing a slight breeze to travel through the rest of your body. It may sound silly but trust me, throughout my duration of time spent in London, these boot babies have been my ultimate bff’s, not only do they make life a lot ‘cooler’, they also add the cherry on top your outfits pairing with jeans, dresses, skirts and even shorts (although I haven’t been brave enough to unleash my legs as of yet).

Lamoda’s Thigh High’s have to be my pick of choice as although online photos may suggest that the boots stay up throughout usage, I can tell you that they do not! I previously ordered two other boots from another brand and since then, both have been given away to charity shops as they annoyingly dropped and gathered around my ankles after short walks. My advice is to only buy boots that have been reviewed by bloggers or ones that you’ve seen in friends photos as honestly, it’s truly upsetting seeing one thing in a retailers photo and another when they arrive!

I adore pairing beige and blacks together, what do you guys think? I found these quirky earrings in Colombo, Sri Lanka for only around two pounds. They were in a dodgy looking shop but it’s always advisable to look past the dodginess and use your imagination to dress styling ideas in your mind.

Happy New Year beautiful’s


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